Banking on mobility solutions to ensure a secure and convenient experience


GoDB's mobile banking solutions have transformed the concept of mobility in banking. Our experience in successfully digitizing the operations of leading bankers for over a decade is proof of our success. Expert in Mobility, GoDB ensures that every mission-critical banking function is mobile-first, mobile friendly, or mobile-only.

Empowering Banks through Mobility

Mobile Banking

Banking services at your fingertips

Customer on Boarding

Effortless, personalized customer onboarding experience on the go leading to customer delight

NRI Remittances

Simplified mobility-enabled options to transfer money from abroad to kith and kin in india

Mobile Cheque Deposits

Smart option to deposit cheques without even visiting the bank

Loan Origination

Mobilization of the entire loan origination lifecycle from loan application to loan disbursement

Wealth Management

Your financial genie and wealth management packed into your "smart" phone

Mobile Wallets

With carry a wallet when your mobile can be your trusted, secure wallet?

P2P Payments

Quick, hassle-free, reliable money transfer - and all from your mobile!

Our Clients

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