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Enterprise Users

3 months

Average time to go live

7 years

Average number of years of customer engagement

With mobility becoming an integral part of every organization and home, mission-critical mobility applications are empowering both employees and customers to access and transmit information, carry out simple to complex transactions, and stay connected with the enterprise anytime from anywhere.

Mobility has simplified almost every business and compressed the globe in terms of distance and time.

However, achieving this simplicity is a complex task. The entire effort of mobilizing enterprises to facilitate employees and customers requires dealing with a great degree of variances:

A variety of mission-critical applications
A variety of core back-end business processes
A variety of devices - from smart phones to tablets
A variety of networks
A variety of OS
A variety of user groups

These pluralities can be accommodated by a common element that ensures a consistent, cognitive, and superlative mobility experience, despite all variances :

GoDB MBaaS Platform

MBaaS Architecture

GoDB MBaaS includes following

Authenication and Security Layer
Scripting/Scoping Layer
Offline Sync Layer
Online Gateway Services
Caching Engine
Admin and Management Layer

Should you look for in an ideal mission-critical MBaaS platform?

The ability to de-clutter and streamline all the variances that need to be accommodated within and beyond the enterprise - devices, OS, apps, backend systems, networks, and users
The ability to provide a consistent user experience across multiple devices
The ability to provide a scalable base that will support a seamless transformation when the enterprise ramps up its operations
The ability to ensure a secure environment where data storage and transaction are safe and not prone to any form of information leakage
The ability to troubleshoot problems and manage applications from remote - without any time gap
The ability to simplify the app development, availability, deployment, integration, and support process - anytime, anywhere approach
The ability to seamlessly integrate with diverse systems at the backend in the enterprise
Ability to smoothly manage data immaterial of whether the mobile device is online or offline - error-free data synchronization between the user interface and enterprise backend systems

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